The Simple Things

I was meant to upload a post last night, but I got distracted because I was babysitting my niece, Miss T.

Miss T is currently 0 years old – though she is due to turn 1 on Friday (happy birthday!).

While I was babysitting I was lamenting the fact (as I often do) the fact that I don’t have any ‘baby toys’ for Miss T. Miss H and Mr J have toys a-plenty, but there aren’t many that are baby friendly.

Nevertheless, I put out a box of items that I have gathered together for Miss T to play with, mostly home-made items (don’t worry, there’ll be more information about that later).

A part of me understood (and understands) that Miss T is too young to really know the difference between a home made rattle and one that’s bought from a store, the effect mass marketing is too deeply ingrained in me to be able to feel like she’s too young to know the difference. Especially when I watch her play excitedly with toys elsewhere.

And yet, despite my feelings of guilt that I had nothing store-bought for Miss T to play with, she appeared to have a ball! She’s at that age where putting things in and taking them out of containers is apparently a blast. Of especial favourites were a tissue box with old toilet rolls, a tissue box full of old (clean) socks, and a wooden bead necklace. Later on she discovered that an old, dried out banksia pod was just the right size to sit inside the toilet rolls, and I watched her sit and puzzle for minutes on end about how to make it fit, before it finally all came together and she would beam and clap in self-congratulation.

Unfortunately the light last night was too dark to take decent photographs, but here’s some from today when she realised that the bead necklace fit inside the tissue box (man those things are multi-functional!):

Miss T 1 Miss T 2

Miss T 3  Miss T 4

This is how all the cool kids are wearing their necklaces.

This is how all the cool kids are wearing their necklaces.

So next time I see one of those cute, colourful (and probably awesome) toys in the shops, I need to remember that sometimes old socks can be just as much fun to play with. As long as they’re washed first, of course.

Have you ever handmade toys? Or felt like handmade goods aren’t good enough?

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