First Birthday (Present)

Life may have seemed quiet on the Ning Nang Nong for the last couple of days, but in fact it’s been so crazy-busy that I haven’t found time to post! It was all systems go here as we prepared for Miss T’s first birthday!

I had previously bought Miss T a dress and a Mario Bros t-shirt for her birthday (both were adorable), but they’re not exactly made of the things that stir 1 year olds’ hearts, so I went in search of a present she might actually enjoy.

Taking a leaf out of my own post on the simple things, and the fact that we all know that the thing 1 year olds enjoy most about their birthday presents is the paper, I made her a home-made gift.

And not the sort of homemade gift that seem to abound on the internet, where their adorableness seems to rival storebought items and they lead to thousands upon millions of Mums/Aunts/Grandmothers embarking on the same project (and never quite achieving the same level of awesome). No, mine is definitely not that gift.

In fact, I may never admit to Miss T exactly what it was I got her for her first birthday present.

Combined Gift

An empty tissue box may have been involved.

And old toilet rolls (complete with super crinkly purple cellophane).

Toilet Paper Roll & Cellophane Purple Cellophane

Some fun, coloured feathers (for added texture).


A rattley bottle (filled with coloured rice and chick peas). This was really popular, not only with Miss T, but with her two cousins (who were 2 and 1.5).

Coloured Rice & Chickpeas

(As an aside, that coloured rice and chickpeas were far easier to make than I thought – I’ll post about those another time.)

Some coloured beads (these became an instant hit and she took them to bed with her).


And the requisite pair of old socks.

Old Socks

I think all up her present cost me around $3. And I think I’m ok with that. Especially when she seems to have such a ball with it all; that makes it all worthwhile.

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