The Colour of Spring

Spring Flowers

For most people, when they think of Spring, they think of colour.

Spring Flowers 1

Of garden beds filled with Spring flowering bulbs, and roses bursting into bloom after months of being dormant.


But for me, the colour of Spring is green.

The green of trees putting forth new leaves.

And new fruit.

Of apricots ready to ripen.


Of pears and apples just beginning to grow.

pears apples

Of berries poking their soon to be luscious heads out of their thorny surroundings.


For me, Summer will be the months filled with colour as fruit and vegetables ripen. When I can begin harvesting and preserving (and eating!) some of the produce that my garden is producing.

While I love Spring and the new life it brings (and we certainly can’t do with out it!) it seems merely a monochrome precursor to the beauty and bounty of Summer.

One thought on “The Colour of Spring

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