DIY Christmas Presents (Part Two – Chunky Magnets)

This post is more about repurposing something than DIY, but we won’t let that stop us!

A few weeks ago my sister informed me that she was on the look-out for some chunky magnets for Miss T to play with. Apparently she was really enjoying pulling magnets off and putting them back on the fridge, but they were too difficult for her to play with easily.

We had a look in a few shops, but couldn’t spot anything that looked like it would be easy (and fun) for Miss T to play with.

And that’s when I remembered these old jigsaw puzzles I had. I was planning on donating them to an op shop, but decided instead to repurpose them.

Animals PuzzleShapes Puzzle

For this project, all I needed was some magnetic tape and some craft glue (luckily for me, my parents used to package this stuff, so I have an almost never ending supply of it).

Magnetic Tape Attached

The magnetic tape set me back $2.50, and that’s all I paid to complete this project. I’ve also got a whole bunch of magnetic tape left over, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for other things to turn into magnets. I ended up with twelve magnets in total, which means that each one cost me about 25c. Bargain!

Animal MagnetsShapes Magnets

Voila! Colourful, fun, chunky magnets just perfect for putting on and off the fridge!

Have you tried repurposing anything? How did it go?

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