Companion Planting

Heronswood House

Today I went to Heronswood House (which is in Dromana, Victoria) for a garden open day. It’s an old house/estate which is operated/cared for by Diggers. For those who don’t know, Diggers are a cool group which actively encourage and support the growing of heirloom plants. They’re the ones that pointed me towards the awesome painted mountain corn that I talked about in I Can Plant a Rainbow.

One of the things that they had today was a series of talks presented by their head of horticulture. Among other things he talked about how to grow tomatoes from seeds (apparently I’m too late! But I shall persevere nonetheless). But the thing that has got me thinking tonight is companion planting.

I’m currently doing research into it all, but it looks like a fun way to set out a garden! The only downside is that apparently all of the plants I grow seem completely incompatible with my tomatoes. Go figure!

I’ve found a useful companion planting chart available at Permaculture News

I find this easier to use than some of the other charts because it tells you (with cute little pictures) which to use, rather than operating on a graph type system. There’s also a helpful breakdown at Sustainable Gardening Australia if you’d like a bit more information on it all.

Currently I’m having a look through the books that are out there, trying to see whether I want to buy any of them to do some more research, or whether I should just plunge in. I suspect plunging is most likely. I’ll keep you all informed!

Have you tried companion planting? If so, how did it go? Any hints or trips for me?

2 thoughts on “Companion Planting

    • I have to admit that my camera work is never as good as the real thing (and a lot of the photos I was taking were for vegie patch inspiration) but I’ll go through the pics and see if I have any more 🙂

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