Seeds, seeds and more seeds!

I know I said yesterday that I was going to show you my plans for a backyard makeover, but then a whole bunch of seeds that I had ordered arrived so I thought I’d quickly discuss these instead!

Packet of Seeds - Seeds 4 Life Packet of Seeds - Lazy Housewife

I bought the first lot of seeds from a shop called Seeds 4 You on eBay (though apparently they have also started their own website which you can ordered from directly). The seeds averaged about $1.50/packet and were all posted for the fantastic price of $1!

I was happy enough with this bargain, but then when they arrived I discovered that they had sent me two packets of “bonus seeds”. While they’re not seeds I would have chosen for myself (I’m not a big eggplant eater), the idea was lovely.

But wait, there’s more! While the seeds themselves don’t come in ordinary packets (presumably this is one of the ways they managed to sell the seeds so cheap) they included an information sheet on each one. Including (get this!) a handy hints section which includes companion planting! It’s as though they read my mind! For price and service, this shop gets two thumbs up.

The second packet also came from an eBay shop called Life-Force Seeds. These were a bit more expensive, but still cheaper than the packet I bought from Diggers (pre-membership). Alas, those seeds all died a horrible death about the same time that I discovered my first lot of tomato seeds were refusing to germinate.

While I still need to sort out my vegetable patch and re-plan my backyard, I think that at least some of tomorrow will be spent starting these seeds off.

One of the reason for the proliferation of seeds is that I hope to be able to give my Mum a bunch of herbs for Christmas this year – she wants to start her own herb garden. Given the luck (or lack thereof) I’ve had in growing seeds from herbs, I think I’ll need all the help I can get!

For those who want to know, the seeds I got were as follows (and I tried to get heirloom varieties where possible):
1. Orange Nasturtium
2. Popcorn corn (oh how I want to attempt to make my own popcorn!)
3. Autumn Beauty Sunflower (mainly because Miss H is nuts for sunflowers)
4. Common Sage
5. Heartsease (Johnny Jump Up)
6. Oregano
7. Borage
8. Sweet Basil
9. English Thyme
10. Chives
11. Marigolds
12. Pickling Cucumbers (to make my own sweet pickled gherkins)
13. Black Cherry Tomato (these are the seeds I am trying to germinate currently but having no luck with. I am determined to make it work!)
14. Cos Lettuce
15. Eggplant (Bonus seeds!)
16. Wildflowers (Bonus seeds!)
17. Lazy housewife beans.

Do you have a preferred place to buy seeds? Or had anyone go above and beyond for service?

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