See How My Garden Grows

About a month ago I posted that, for me, the colour of Spring is green.

While I’m a firm believer in the seasons changing on the equinoxes and solstices, officially Summer is 8 days away, and my garden can certainly tell.

Those loganberries that I posted looking like this:

berries November Loganberry

Now look like this.

My pears (which I fervently hoped would stay on the tree as last year all my immature fruit mysteriously disappeared) are still there! And looking remarkably pear like (though obviously still maturing):

November Pears

Even the sweetcorn, beans and peas I planted a few weeks ago are co-operating!





Interestingly, they seem to be doing so well that some of the seeds that I first planted in these egg cups (done at the same time as my first attempt at growing tomatoes from seed) seem to also be sprouting! I had written them off as dead after they failed to germinate and, without removing the originals from the containers, planted new ones in there. Clearly the weather has turned (or the TLC that got the second lot to sprout ‘roused the first lot, too) and now I’m going to have all sorts of fun working out which variety is being planted!

Even more astonishingly, I suspect that some of my original tomato seeds have decided to join the party, too!

When they first refused to sprout, I repurposed their egg cups for a second bout of peas. Recently I went outside to make sure that the seeds had enough water, and I spotted what I thought were weeds in the egg cups. Great, I thought, and prepared to pull them out. And then I stopped. It was certainly an odd place for weeds to suddenly appear (and rather uniformly). And they had that classic “two leaf” look that is so quintessential of a germinated seed.

So I stopped, and ran inside to look at google images of germinating tomato seeds (how people survived before the internet I’ll never know). And then I did a little happy dance.

Tomato Seedlings planted in recycled orange juice boxes under growlights

Germinating Tomato seeds – image from Tumbledown Farm

Germinating Tomato Seeds – image from Garden of Eaden

Looks remarkably similar to my “weeds” – or at least I think so!

Tomato and Pea

And that white ball down the bottom? That’s a pea seed that’s sharing the space. Oops!

How is your garden growing? Have you ever been surprised by your plants?

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