I have long been an avid reader of blogs of all things gardening, homesteading, self-sufficiency and preserving.

I’ve loved reading blogs out of America like The Broken Plow and Food In Jars and one that I read many, many years ago that I can’t recall the title of. But it was beautiful.

Every time I read one of those I am amazed at and jealous of the sense of community that exists within them. The other bloggers that they know, and meet up with and share with that are all interested in the same things. And I lament the fact that I can’t seem to find that same sense of community here. It frustrates me greatly.

A google search for “homesteading, Victoria” gives me a whole bunch of websites, either written by someone called Victoria or out of Canada. “preserving, Victoria” has a whole load of historical preservation societies and “self-sufficiency, Victoria” introduces me to a number of shops and places I can buy. None of which are quite what I had in mind.

Recently I stumbled across the fun (and slightly irreverent) blog Whole Larder Love which gives me one Victoria blog at least (and there’ll be more on this later), but Rohan (the blogger) seems to have found his sense of community in his small town. And I don’t live in a small town.

So I ask you. If anyone out there knows of any blogs in Victoria (I’d even settle for Australia) that are run by people just looking to tell people about their attempts to grow their own food, make their own clothes, preserve their own produce…well, I’d LOVE to hear about it.

Do you know any blogs?

6 thoughts on “Frustrated!

  1. “Homesteading” is a tough tag. It almost always means people trying to do for themselves, but that can be anything from starting a remote farm on acreage to making crafts. Our local newspaper keep a list of local bloggers, you might check to see if there is something similar where you are. Also, you could try offline with garden clubs and the like?

    • Nicole, that’s so true! And that’s what’s so frustrating – I can’t seem to find anything like that!
      I’ll have a closer look at our local paper, but I’ve read them before and never noticed any lists of bloggers.
      Perhaps I should write into them and suggest it 😉
      Thanks for your help.

    • So, so tempting. But Nick maintains I don’t live in the country enough to join the CWA (I’ve thought about it before). He also won’t let me get chickens for the same reason.

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