Germinating Seeds

This weekend just gone I had grand plans of sieving out my vegie patch (in addition to the evil that is runner grass, it is also infested with onion grass!). However fate had other plans in store.

On Saturday morning I was already a bit hesitant to undertake such a large piece of work as my back had been quite stiff and sore this week. And since it’s only 2.5 months since I had back surgery I’m trying to not put too much strain on it. The weather decided to help me make my decision and it showered for most of the morning. Definitely not feeling up to sieving sogging soil in the rain, I decided to take it easy instead.

On Sunday morning I woke up and thought “right, that’s it, must be done.” My back was still stiff and sore, but Spring is almost over and there’s still nothing in my vegie patch. And then the heavens opened again. This morning my back is thankful for the enforced rest and I’m hoping to get to the sieving later today!

In the meantime, I decided to try to get some more seeds started.

As I mentioned I have grand plans to gift some herbs to my Mum for Christmas, so those were the ones I started first:

Into a large egg tray I put sage, basil, borage, chives and thyme.

Herbs in Egg Trays

I was even able to conveniently write the name of the seeds on the ridges between the egg cups!

For the next planting, however, I was finally out of egg cups and egg trays and I had to resort to some plastic potting trays for the next lot of seeds.

Plastic Tray of Seeds
Into this one I put cucumber (for attempting to make sweet pickled gherkins!), nasturtiums, marigold and oregano.

Labelled Seeds 1

Into the second tray went some lazy housewife beans (to replace the ones that I thought hadn’t germinated), some stringless beans that I got for free as part of my Diggers membership (thanks Dad, best present ever!), rock melon seeds and some popcorn corn (for making popcorn!)

Labelled Seeds 2

I was a bit stumped as to how to label these ones, until I remembered that I had some masking tape floating around that would fit the bill. Necessity truly is the mother of invention!

I have no idea whether these are going to germinate. Some of the easier ones like corn and bean might, but I’ve got no idea how the fine, small seeds of things like thyme and oregano are going to go. I’ll keep my fingers cross that they pop up by Christmas!

How are your vegetable patches going? Are you still trying to get it started?

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