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{DIY} Toy Felt Christmas Tree

There’s nothing like putting up a Christmas tree to make children (especially young children) want to take it down. Or at least take all the ornaments off of it.

In order to combat some of this I made a Christmas Sensory Box. But while this is a fun way to get to play with some of the Christmas items kids get to see floating around, it doesn’t involve much putting on and taking off. So, I decided to make a felt Christmas tree.

Felt Christmas Tree


The total cost for this project was $0 (score one me!) because I had the felt floating around from a Mario (from Super Mario Bros) mobile I made for my sister when she was pregnant with Miss T. It’s super easy to make:

First I drew (and cut out) a Christmas tree on some cardboard from a cardboard box we have (we order way too much online). I then glued on (and cut out) some green felt (for the leaves) and brown felt (for the trunk). It was then just a matter of cutting out some bells and ornaments. The felt sticks to each other really easily – in the above photograph the tree is standing up and none of the decorations fell off – making it really easy for young kids to play with.

You could also make this in a 3D version by wrapping the felt around a cone. I didn’t try this because I had the cardboard handy, but if I hadn’t I might have looked into it.

What Christmas activities do you arrange for kids? 

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