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{Book Review} Whole Larder Love

A few weeks ago I was delighted to discover the blog Whole Larder Love. My main reason for excitement was the fact that the blogger, Rohan, was based in Victoria (the same state as me), and after reading a number of American blogs I was ecstatic that I was finally sharing seasons with someone!

So I did what I always do, I flicked right back to the very beginning of the archive, and I started reading. It took me about a day (with almost no breaks), but I did it. And then I almost immediately toddled off to borrow Rohan’s book “Whole Larder Love” from the library.

whole larder love

If you’ve read the blog, the book isn’t much of a surprise. Some of the contented bitterness (how do you even manage that?) in the tone of Rohan’s blog is lacking from the book, which is a much more light-heated read. Many of the images are also present on the blog. But the recipes! My goodness the recipes! Wild duck risotto, honey chorizo, roast chicken and grilled eggplant lasagne! I want to eat them all! And he sneakily doesn’t include those in his blog.

Rohan doesn’t like being labelled (is vehement about it at times) a foodie or a gourmet, but after reading through his book and looking at his recipes and images, I can see why people throw that idea around. He claims that everyone could eat as he does, that there’s nothing particularly special about his ability to throw together what seem to be about 5 ingredients and end up with something that looks and sounds like it’s come straight from a world-class restaurant, but I beg to disagree.

“Whole Larder Love” contains some amusing anecdotes about his life and his attempt to live off the land. It also has some handy tidbits about exactly how to go about doing that – including listing some of the gear you’ll need to achieve it. And while those are fun to read, you certainly get more detail off his blog. Having read both I’d say you can read either as a standalone, but you’ll miss out by doing so. The two compliment each other so nicely.

While I’m not sure I’d buy the book (delicious though the food looks) because I can’t see myself managing to create the same meals he does (far too many picky eaters in this house), I’m definitely planning on taking inspiration from it. There’ll be no mushroom foraging or blueberry acquisitions here, but that doesn’t mean that mushroom risotto and blueberry pancakes are off the table.

Have you read “Whole Larder Love?” What’s your favourite cookbook?

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