Raised Garden Beds

Recently Nick came into a little bit of money, and he agreed that I could have some of it to spend on whatever I wanted.

“Excellent!” I exclaimed. “That means I can get some raised beds and begin my Backyard Makeover.”

“Really?” he said to me, incredulous. “That’s what you’re going to spend your money on? You’re strange.” He finished by shaking his head sadly. (His plans, of course, involve the much more sensible purchase of a bass guitar, a distortion pedal and a miscellany of other music related items).

But I am ignoring Nick and his crazy lack of interest in my awesome garden and am now researching raised garden beds. Only I don’t know which to get. No matter which way I go, I’ll need to make sure that they come up to a comfortable height (at least waist height, which on me is probably something like 1-1.2m) because I’m finding that bending for extended periods of time is causing problems for my back. And I really don’t want to mess up my back after paying a gajillion dollars for surgery.

So, do I go the corrugated iron ones that are light-weight, easy to install, slim (so space isn’t wasted on the edging rather than using it for the bed)? The downside to which is that they are much more expensive.

Corrugated Iron Raised Garden Bed from Tank Works

Or do we make our own out of redgum sleepers? A much cheaper (and more customisable) option, they are bulkier and more tedious to install.

Raised Garden bed from Grown Your Own Vegetable Garden


Or I’ve seen some that are basically boxes on stilts, which means that you don’t need to fill them with as much dirt/compost/potting mix making them a cheaper option.

Raised Garden Bed on Stilts from Instructables


Ideas are welcome before I blunder away!

Have you made your own raised beds? Which method do you prefer



4 thoughts on “Raised Garden Beds

  1. Its very difficult to decide isn’t it! I recently saw on TV some lovely raised beds made from rammed earth. They had nice wide walls that you could sit on. I don’t know how they were made, but I really liked them!

  2. I am told that, somewhere in Melbourne, there is a firm that arrives and installs wooden bulk market boxes as beds. I think they would be too deep on their own (and take too much soil), but if you cut them down they may be the quickest of the lot.

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