{DIY} Hanging Christmas Tree Decorations

I love Christmas (you may have noticed). Every year I feel the urge to buy more decorations, though this year I’ve managed to resist the urge … so far …

I try to stick to a similar colour scheme: red, gold, green (with some white and silver thrown in). Much as I love the differently coloured decorations that come out each year, I just can’t bring myself to believe that pink and blue are Christmas colours (though I do love looking at them, so pretty and sparkly!).

Red and White Christmas

Last year I spotted these fellows:

and I fell instantly in love. But at something like $20-$30 for a packet of not many, I decided they were out of my budget.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided that they were totally DIY-able, and so off I went!

I bought some plain mdf shapes off ebay for about 50c/shape (including postage) and then spent quite some time trying to track down red and white polka dot paper. In retrospect I could probably have just bought some Christmassy cardstock from a scrapbooking place, but I had my heart set on red and white polka dots. In the end I printed some off and used that.

Then it was just a matter of cutting out the shapes and sticking them to the mdf.


DIY Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament

The mdf is a naturally darker colour than the light pine of the inspiration picture, but I’m ok with that. Alternatively I could have painted the mdf shapes white (maybe I’ll do that next time) or used white cardboard as a backing. This one is easy enough to do as an activity with the kids, too!

Do you DIY your Christmas ornaments? Have you ever found something that you can’t afford but want oh-so-much?

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