Shattered: Loganberry Jam

I’ve never been much of one for small batch canning/jamming. Ordinarily I do a HUGE amount of jam production around Christmas (partly for gifts as I’ve mentioned, and partly to keep me in jam for the year). If I run out early, I tend to wait until my apricot tree fruits again so I can make more jam.

This year, however, my loganberries have been doing fairly well (and it looks like my raspberries are going to join the party – yay!). As such (and having run out of jam a few months ago) I decided to give small batch jamming a go.

I looked for a recipe for loganberry jam which basically called for 750g of loganberries to 750g of sugar.

At this stage I didn’t have much hope – I couldn’t imagine having that many loganberries on my single loganberry plant! Even so, I headed outside to see how many berries I could harvest.

Loganberry Collection

When I first returned inside I realised I had about 325g – I only needed another 50g to be able to halve the recipe! So I headed back outside to try scrounging around again and managed to find another 5og. Huzzah!

Just Enough Loganberries

I added the berries and sugar to a low, wide saucepan and began the jamming process. Miracle of miracles, I actually spotted the jam “jelling” (I’ve always had trouble with this part of the jam-making process). Though it makes the candy thermometer I bought last year rather pointless, if I could suddenly pick the moment of “jell”!

Turning into Loganberry Jam

Making Jam! (not the magical moment of ‘jell’)

Using a super nifty copper funnel that my friend bought me for Christmas last year I poured the jam into the miniature jars that I had, and left them to sit overnight. It only made a tiny amount of something like 150g of jam, though. I decided to sieve the jam in order to remove the seeds and I lost almost half the jam that I’d made. Not sure whether I’d repeat this idea or not.

Unfortunately the baby jars that I’m using for this batch don’t do as good a job of re-sealing as the larger jars I’ve had so they need to be stored in the fridge and used relatively quickly. Not that that’s a problem when it comes to eating jam!

That morning, I had loganberry jam on toast. And it was delicious!

Loganberry Jam on Toast

Until it came time to put the jar back in the fridge. I obviously missed putting it on the shelf properly, and it hit the deck.

Shattered Loganberry Jam

My glass jar had shattered. And so was I. No more loganberry jam for me…here’s hoping the raspberries ripen quickly!!

Do you make your own jam? Have you ever managed to ruin a batch before you had a chance to use it?

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