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{DIY} Christmas Bauble Garlands

Every year in the post-Christmas sales I always go a little crazy picking up Christmas decorations at massively discounted prices. My pile of Christmas paraphernalia is now too large to fit in a 100L tub, so I’ve decided I probably need to put some of it to good use!

First on my list was a bauble wreath, but I haven’t managed to track down an appropriate frame (but watch this space, I’m hoping to have one done soon!).

Second on my list was a garland made from Christmas baubles. Last year, for around $5 I picked up around 100 smallish Christmas baubles with the intention of turning them into a garland of some kind. I had originally intended just hanging them at intervals from some string, but ended up deciding they looked better all clumped together:

Cluster of Baubles

To make this is super easy. You simply gather together 5-6 Christmas baubles and tie them together with some twine. You keep doing this until you have enough clusters and then tie those to another length of twine.

closeup Christmas hanging baubles

Christmas Bauble Bunting Home

Mine currently resides outside my front door, though I also used a second one to decorate a market stall we had recently:


Christmas Bauble Garland Market

You could also place them inside like bunting (my husband wouldn’t let me, but perhaps you are not so constrained).

Do you have too much Christmas stuff? What do you like to do with all your extra pieces?

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