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{Report} How Long Do Seeds Last?

About ten days ago I pondered how long seeds lasted after I found a number of packets of seeds floating around in my shed.

After a few people suggested that the seeds should be viable, I decided to try planting some and seeing what happened.

Planted out Groundcherry tray

Ordinarily I only plant one seed per punnet because I hate the idea of thinning things out (how do you choose which live and which die?!) but because these seeds were old I decided to pop a couple in each one to increase the odds.

From top to bottom the seeds that got planted were: Sunberry, Tomatillo, Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry, Pineapple Ground Cherry, Ground Cherry and Winter Cherry.

Surprisingly, after ten days I have a few (very few!) seeds sprouting. Three, to be precise. They are:

Winter Cherry:

Winter Cherry Seedling

Pineapple Ground Cherry:

Pineapple Ground Cherry


And Sunberry:

Sunberry Seedling


I’m not sure three seedlings is actually considered success, but it suggests that seeds are far more robust than I had previously expected!

What’s the longest you’ve waited before planting seeds? Have you ever been surprised in the garden?


2 thoughts on “{Report} How Long Do Seeds Last?

  1. What always surprises me is when we move and then move some of our “dormant” planter boxes with us — then they magically start springing up for no reason. Alas, it’s winter here in the US northeast, so there’s nothing sprouting in the garden….

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