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Growing Lettuce from Seed

My latest seed germination project is lettuce. Cos lettuce, to be precise. Nick prefers Iceberg but we never get through a whole head before it starts to deteriorate so it feels wasteful, whereas with Cos you just pick what you need (and I don’t have to clean slimy, forgotten lettuce leaves out of my vegetable crisper!).

With this in mind and with my recent relative success in getting other plants growing from seed, I decided to get out the Cos lettuce seeds I had ordered and popped them in a planter box. I toyed with putting them in the garden, but I was pretty sure the snails would get to them long before I did. I’m hoping that once I put in the raised garden beds (and get rid of all the long runner grass) I’ll be able to reduce the number of snails feasting on my produce (please, no one burst my bubble).

It’s been about 10 days since I planted the lettuce seeds, and I am excited to say that there is (some) success! I planted about 18 seeds, but only about 5 or so seem to have germinated. I’m kind of glad that all 18 didn’t work – I have no idea how we would ever eat that much lettuce!

First Lettuce Seedling


Emerging Lettuce Seedlings

I think I have learnt that, in order to grow from seeds, you must have faith and be patient (and have a good watering schedule!).

What have you learnt about growing from seeds? Do you have any difficulty?



One thought on “Growing Lettuce from Seed

  1. I have a very poor strike with some lettuce seed put in recently, and was re-seeding the tray with some Lollo Rosso lettuce seed. Decided to read the packet. And there was what may be the solution – a warning that they will not germinate above 30 degrees. I am going to try to germinate this next lot inside, in the air conditioning.

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