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Christmas Eve – DIY Present Update

Christmas Eve Nutcracker

I have no idea where the last few weeks have gone, but apparently my advent calendar informs me that there is only one day left til Christmas! This means that it’s time to finish up with all those Christmas projects I’ve been working on and get them all wrapped for tomorrow.

First up were the food hampers I was making for my aunts and uncles (and brothers’ in law):

Closeup Giftboxes

Each pack ended up containing one jar of rhubarb jam, one of apple cranberry jelly and one of apricot jam. It also has four jam shortbread biscuits and some candied almonds.

The other present I was DIYing were some herbs for my Mum’s proposed herb garden.


These took longer to grow than I hoped/thought but she’s getting: borage, basil, chives, thyme, sage and oregano.

It’s a surprisingly small amount of gifts given how much time I feel was spent working on them, but I’m hoping that everyone likes them anyway.

Have you got all your Christmas gifts wrapped and finished?

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