{Decluttering} Donating to Uplift Project

One of the things I always end up doing after Christmas is frantically trying to declutter so that I can fit in all of the various Christmas presents that arrive (mostly for the kids).

Some things are easier to dispose of than others – most things get donated to an opshop, though I also periodically hold a stall at a trash and treasure market where some things get sold.

The one thing that I always get stuck with is: what do I do with my bras? Not the ratty old things that are falling apart, but the ones I buy thinking that they’ll fit only they don’t. I have drawerfulls because throwing them out seems wasteful and donating them to an opshop seems pointless (I’ve certainly never seen a bra for sale in an opshop).

I was lamenting this problem on facebook recently when a friend alerted me to a charity: Uplift Projects.

Uplift Projects collects unwanted (though preferably in good condition) bras to redistribute to women in places where they are not able to access (or afford) the purchase of bras themselves. This includes some indigenous women in remote communities as well communities overseas such as the Cook Islands, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Their home page goes into further detail about where and how they distribute the bras, and also the sizes that they are currently seeking.

So tonight, I bundled up a bunch of mine into a pre-purchased 3kg bag and have arranged for them to go whizzing off to Uplift Projects.


Now I can finally close my bra drawer and I don’t have to feel bad about throwing them all away.

What do you do with unwanted things? Do you have a favourite place to donate?

3 thoughts on “{Decluttering} Donating to Uplift Project

  1. Sounds like an excellent idea. But I don’t think it is just me – both the links are to the CWA cook book. Which would be most uplifting, but in another way. 🙂

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