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{Storing the Harvest} Apricots

I’ve been engaged in an on-going battle with the birds for the past week in an attempt to ensure that I actually get to use some of the apricots on my tree.

To do this, I have been going out daily and picking as many apricots as I can reach (and look close to ripe) and pop them in a bowl until I get a chance to do something with them. To date I have picked five bowls worth (which works out to something like 10kg of apricots).

Bowls of apricots (with some rogue nectarines)

Bowls of apricots (with some rogue nectarines)

Unfortunately life has been more hectic than I’d like (and my plans rather lacking) so the fruit has sat in those bowls for a few days. Until last night when I noticed that some of them were rotting. Desperate to retrieve the fruit I ended up lining baking trays with baking paper and setting out the apricots in lines, making sure that none touched each other. Another layer of baking paper would go over the top and the process would continue until the layers were no longer stable.




This is what I was left with:



Such a waste! Lesson learned: unless you’ve actually got definitive plans for how your harvest is going to be used (and/or a better system for storage until you use them) leave the harvest out there. I’d have rathered these fed the birds than just decomposed on my table.

I have saved some of the apricots that were only a little bit bruised to chop and dehydrate – the rest of them will probably be turned into jam.

How do you store your apricots? Do you ever have to throw some out?


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