Stopping to Smell the Roses

Almost exactly two months ago I drove to Sydney and back for a wedding.

This week I have taken almost exactly the same route that we took on the way back, and on both occasions we ended up stopping in Cann River.

Cann River is a smallish tourist-ish town along the Eastern coast of Victoria. Before we came up here I would never have expected it to become one of the places we stop to break up the journey, but it has. There are two reasons for this: the first is the fact that when we drove through the first time (on Melbourne Cup Tuesday) there was a little miniature market that had basically books and jam for sale (what more could anyone want?). I marvelled at the varieties of jam, and promptly bought an Agatha Christie biography I’d been trying to track down for years.

The second reason was that I stopped to smell the roses. Literally.


There was a whole section planted out with them and the heavenly scent of roses wafted towards me as I walked past. I had forgotten that roses even had a scent; all the new varieties that are bred for disease resistance tend to lose their scent in the process.

For a moment I paused in the brilliant sunshine and closed my eyes. I felt the warmth on my back and breathed deeply, letting the perfection of the moment wash over me.

Now I can’t drive through Cann River without remembering that time and feeling peaceful. Of course, it helps that the lady selling thousands of jams was here again…

Where do you stop to smell the roses? Have you got a favourite place?

2 thoughts on “Stopping to Smell the Roses

  1. I’ve been stopping at Cann River to break up a journey since I was about ten and we would drive from my grandparents place in Gippsland to our holiday unit in Eden. We still stop there now with my kids, sadly though we have NEVER come across a mini market with hundreds of jams!

    • They weren’t there again on our trip home, sadly.

      I really wanted to take a photograph, but thought it would be a bit rude since I had no intention of buying any jam (and since part of the reason was to steal inspiration for my own jam making…

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