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See How My Garden Grows: January 2014


For this post I’m linking up with the Garden Share Collective. The Garden Share Collective is a group of bloggers who share their gardening journey, and whose blogs I’ve had great fun reading! I shall be posting some links to the blogs I’ve discovered so far tomorrow for you all to enjoy.

In the meantime, here’s how things are going:

In the Garden Now:

In my garden at the moment I’ve got some plants producing madly including my apricot tree


I’ve had a glut of these lately, as you may have noticed from my apricot harvest storage posts this week. The glut continues and I’ll be looking at making some apricot chutney, next!

I also have some pears




and nectarines (they’re suffering from peach leaf curl that I keep forgetting to treat and from birds munching away!)


that are all in the process of ripening up.

My potato plants are coming along nicely and have started flowering, but something seems to be eating the leaves. I’ve yet to spot any culprits, so I’m really not sure what’s happening here.


My vegie patch is also coming along quite well, with almost all of the vegies I’ve planted surviving (with the exception of some of the onions) that seem to have died down a bit.


The beans along the left of that climbing frame are all lazy housewife beans and they are going GANGBUSTERS.


They’re so enthusiastic they just want to keep climbing! I’m not sure I’ve made their frame high enough for them!


And look, I’ve got a broccoli head starting to form!


Something also seems to be eating the broccoli/cauliflower, but I’ve had no luck spotting snails OR cabbage moth grubs. Not sure what’s getting at them…


These are my pickling cucumbers. They’re not growing as well as the beans, hopefully they get a move on, soon. You can also see mountains of apricots/apricot pits along here. The vegie patch sits partly under the apricot tree and birds love to sit in the tree nibbling on my apricots.

One of my tomato plants has a tiny little tomato on it (I think it’s a black cherry tomato)


But for some reason my tomato plants are all looking a bit stressed. I’ll have to look into that soon!

Also, my lettuce plants seem to be coming along (although very slow growing). Are lettuce always this slow, I wonder?


Next month in the garden:

Next month in the garden I’ll need to:

1. Repot a bunch of plants that I started from seed that are still sitting in seedling trays. These include: rockmelon, tomato plants, nasturtium, herbs and capsicum plants.

2. Work out why my tomato plants look so sick.

3. Weed the vegie patch!

4. Fertlise my garden/water with seasol.

5. Sort out some succession planting – I should have some more seeds arriving soon.

I hope everyone else has had a good month; I look forward to reading all your gardening stories soon!

How is your garden growing? What are your plans?

4 thoughts on “See How My Garden Grows: January 2014

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  2. I am super jealous of all your apricots, I want a glut. They are one of my favourite fruits and it turns out I can’t grow them here in sunny qld. I hope you find out what those pesky leaf munching critters are. Also with your tomatoes instead of applying liquid fertilizer give them a generous handful of potash. Thanks for joining in the GSC

    • I think we always want a glut of whatever we can’t have. (And then struggle to work out how to use it once we have it!).

      I’ll have to look into that potash suggestion – I don’t think I’ve ever tried to buy it before.

      Thanks for having me here 🙂

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