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Gardening for the Future

This Tuesday I had every intention of joining Lon at 500m2’s succession planning Tuesday.

Only it turns out that today is Tuesday and I haven’t done any succession planning (both Nick and the kids are on holidays, it’s totally messing with my idea of which days are which).

So instead I’m going to show you a couple of plants that I have bought that I won’t be able to use for some time yet and pretend that that’s totally succession planning. Just work with me on this one.

The first is a (rather sad looking) blueberry plant.


Though it’s not as sad looking as this one I saw at the same big box shop.


That stem the right? A giant weed. Far, far bigger than the blueberry plant.

Taking a leaf out of Lon’s book I bought some Azalea mix to pot it in. And look, it already has blueberries!


That said, it’s such a sad looking plant I’m wondering whether I’m better off removing the berries so it can just focus on growing a bit better.

The really odd thing? I don’t even really like blueberries! I just got so jealous of watching everyone else harvest them that I decided to join suit! I have tried to grow them in the past (usually purchased bare rooted in Winter) but they’ve always died. I’m hoping this one survives and, if so, I may buy another couple of bare rooted ones to keep it company.

The other thing that I bought recently (also completely on impulse) was a passionfruit.


I’m currently planning on removing an area of the yard that has a shadecloth over it. It’s behind our back deck and houses some tree ferns. They’re far, far too tall for the space so it’s all going to go. The plan is to replant that space with some grapes and passionfruit. I’m hoping this one gets a bit more established so that when I pop it into the ground it doesn’t die. My mother has done terribly with passionfruit and it has scarred me a bit.

I only bought the one plant (I meant to check how much it was and then either put it back or grab another one, depending on cost, but I was so frazzled by the end of the shopping trip that I completely forgot!) so I suspect there won’t be passionfruit for some time. 

How are you planning for the future? Do you remember to do succession planting?

3 thoughts on “Gardening for the Future

  1. I have one lonely blueberry plant in a pot that has been pretty neglected for the last couple of years. My plan is to get a couple more, but I think I need to keep this one alive and producing before I go investing in mates. Passionfruit is on my radar too. Hope both your plants do well for you (and yes, take those berries off if you haven’t already).

    • Berries have been taken off and the plant is still alive! (though still looking spindly). If I can keep it alive until Winter I’ll get some more bare rooted blueberries.

      Let me know how your blueberry plant goes, hopefully at least one of us does well with them!

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