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A Sense of Community

A few months ago I posted saying that I was frustrated with my inability to find an online community of like minded people: gardeners, homesteaders, farmers, DIYers…I wasn’t fussy, the only requirement I was looking for was that they be based in Australia.

But it looks like Australian blogs have done something to anger the google algorithms because they’re harder to find than hen’s teeth!

And then one of my friends suggested a facebook page run by some people in Frankston who are trying to develop a sustainable lifestyle in their backyard. Frankston! Why, that’s a matter of minutes from where I live! I was stoked to discover Franger Farm.

From there I was also able to find a similar family who run a facebook page and website Living Off The Land in Seaford. Also super close to where I live!

I’ve also managed to find a community of gardeners in Frankston at Vegie Growers Network but I’m not sure whether they’re still active or not. If anyone knows I’d love to find out!

The other blogs that I’ve managed to discover aren’t nearly so close to home, but they are just as interesting. And I have no idea how I managed to discover them! Lots of clicking on blogrolls, but I can’t recall the route I took to get there.

I’m hoping I don’t leave anyone out, but here’s a list (divided by State) of some of the other blogs I’ve been reading lately:


Chloe’s Garden

Bek’s Backyard

The Life of Clare

The New Good Life



Country Life Experiment

The Shady Baker

Funkbunny’s Garden


Flame Tree Flowers

Brown Paper Belle

Strayed From the Table (Host of the Garden Share Collective)

Eight Acres Farm

I would just like to say “Thank You” to all of these marvelous blogs for the amusing and informative posts you’ve written in the past (and will hopefully continue to write into the future!). And if I’ve commented on your post here but have forgotten to include you, then I apologise profusely! Let me know and I will update my list forthwith!


The Broken Plow (finally out of hiding and back to blogging, hurrah!)

7 Heavenly Hens Garden

Have you got any other blogs that you think I should read? I’d love to keep expanding my ‘community’!

7 thoughts on “A Sense of Community

  1. 7hh-G is glad we found you on Facebook and now here on your blog. You should see our blog name here as well but I’ll post to your FB post for this page. ~Sam

    • Hi Jane,
      Thanks for the suggestion! That’s next on my list of blogs to visit, but I haven’t made it there yet. I’m glad to hear it’s a good’un!

  2. When I first started blogging I seemed to find heaps of Aussie blogs (most of which I still follow when I have the time), but then it seemed to get harder. I like the international perspective, but sometimes the information is not suitable for here, the plant names are different and the references mean little so a good collection of Aussie ones are great. I wish I could find some other Ballarat based ones so I could pick their brains about some things.

    • You must have the magic touch! I remember looking a while ago and not being able to see anything then, either!

      I’ll keep my eye out for some Ballarat blogs for you 🙂

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