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Herb Garden in a Pot

I have every intention of actually growing my herbs in my vegetable garden, interspersed with the vegetables (a la my companion planting plan). Except for the mint. That shall remain trapped in a pot for all eternity.

But until I buy these raised garden beds (hold the phone, I think I’m ordering some this week!) I’m already trying to cram quite a lot into a small space, so I’m going to try growing some herbs in a pot.

Now, I’ve tried this before. I buy basil and thyme and sage and oregano and parsley in seedling pots from big box warehouses, or nurseries, or market stalls (wherever really) and I pot them up. And then fail to do anything else at all with them, and they die.

And then they end up looking a bit like this:


It’s basically a pot of dirt. With some sawdust sprinkled on top from last Winter when I was putting in some barerooted roses and needed somewhere to dump the sawdust in a hurry. The herbs were already dead by this point. And clearly they put the word out about how undesirable a location it is to live, because 8 months later and not one weed had taken up residence in the pot. Oops.

Ideally I would have added the dirt in the pot (along with a few unknown root systems lurking down below) but the pot was too heavy to lift and manipulate so the dirt got dumped onto an unused garden bed. I shall perhaps force Nick to move it to the compost bin next weekend (to counter-act all the rotting apricots that made their way into there in the last few weeks).


Ta da! An empty pot! A quick rinse to get rid of the last of the dirt clinging to the bottom, and then some more potting mix made its way in. Hopefully this potting mix is more conducive to life than the last lot!


To be honest, the main reason for starting the pot o’ herbs was to repot the last straggly herbs leftover from Mum’s Christmas present.



So into the pot has gone some chives, sage and oregano. I’ve also added some borage, thyme and more sage seeds. Now it’s a waiting game to see what happens. Wish me luck!

Do you grow herbs? Where do you grow them?

9 thoughts on “Herb Garden in a Pot

  1. It’s hard to tell looking from above – is the pot terracotta? I am now sealing all my terracotta ones (on the inside), with a proper terracotta sealant (three coats), although I cannot name a chemical-free one. The pots hold moisture much better, and are growing like a treat.

    We have a terracotta wine cooler that works by filling it with water, the water soaks through and that cools the pot. Pour some water out, add bottle. It is scary the amount of water that comes through the thinner terracotta, and how quickly. I think there are some old terracotta butter coolers that work that way too.

    I think some people seal with just any paint (having checked it is lead-free!), and on the outside. Has a side benefit of colourful pots.

    Bottom line – terracotta pots that are not sealed do not hold water well, especially in drier environments.

    • It’s true, it is terracotta. And it should really be sealed.
      I’ve got another larger one that used to house a lemon/lime tree that’s not sealed either.
      It’s (yet another!) one of those things I haven’t managed to get around to yet 🙂

  2. I’m a notorious herb pot murderer too. Though I do currently have rosemary, basil, parsley, mint and a tiny bit or coriander alive in pots. I wouldn’t say they’ve been terrible productive though. Good luck. Don’t forget the water!

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