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Resisting the Urge…to Buy Books

I’m a bit of a bibliophile. Always have been. Some of my earliest memories involve me writing stories, or sneaking a torch into my room so I could indulge in a midnight read.

This is only really a problem because it means that I own books. Far, far too may books. I buy books that I won’t read (and not books I think I’ll read, but never get around to. I honestly buy books knowing that they will sit, unread, on my bookshelf). Especially if they’re a bargain. And what that means is that when I go opshopping (as I did today) I really, really don’t need to browse the book section to see which I should buy. But I do.

Today I was browsing the books deliberately, looking some some gardening books (especially anything by Clive Blazely or Jackie French), but it didn’t stop me from being tempted to buy other books. In fact, it didn’t stop me from being tempted to buy gardening books that weren’t quite what I set out to buy.

I did succumb to temptation to buy The Cartographer for Nick who has indicated that he would like to read it. I’m not sure whether I’ll give it to him for his birthday (he’s strange about second hand gifts at times) or whether I’ll just give it to him. But I did manage to resist the urge to buy The Historian for myself. It was only $4, but I seem to fall for that trap a lot. Thinking that because something isn’t very much money it doesn’t matter if I buy it. And then I buy 20 $4 items and wonder where all my money went. It wasn’t until after I spent 2-3 minutes convincing myself that a library somewhere was bound to have it that I was finally able to walk away.

I even did quite well not buying too many gardening/cooking books. Though that might have had more to do with the fact that most shops that I went to barely had any. I was flummoxed; where could they all be?

And then I found them.


Shelves and shelves of them.


At the Salvos who were having a 50% off books sale, no less. I bought 5 books for $8. Not a bad buy.

I even found one by Sydney blogger Not Quite Nigella



It’s amazing what you can find sometimes!

A part of me feels proud at having resisted the urge to buy All The Books, but a part of me feels sad. I’m hoping that sad part goes away after a while. Especially if some of those fiction books I end up borrowing turn out to be duds…

Do you have anything you just HAVE to have? How do you cope with restricting your buying?

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