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{Succession Planning} Tuesday 21/1/14

Despite the fact that two days ago I posted about what needs to be done in the garden in January, I still managed to almost forget that today was Tuesday (and therefore I’d be linking up with 500m2’s Succession Planning Tuesday!

Luckily Barbara over at The New Good Life posted about her Succession Planning Tuesday at around 8pm, which left me just enough time to leap into action before dark!

A few weeks ago I ordered some seeds from The Seed Collection


I’m pretty sure I ordered it from their list of “things to plant this month” which means that I at least had a few “current” seeds to plant.


Hiding in my seed packet were cauliflower, broccoli, kale and watermelon. (I also found some snow peas which I really need to direct plant before it gets too late!!).

My spare seed tray was in the shed, but it was late, getting dark, Mr J needed his bedtime stories, and I didn’t have my shoes on, so I raided one of the seed trays I’ve had sitting outside for a while.


It’s meant to have a masking tape label along the edge that lists the seeds that I’ve popped in, but Mr J has hidden my roll of masking tape somewhere in the house. I’ll have to track it down tomorrow. In the meantime I’ll just have to remember that the seeds went in in alphabetical order from left to right.

As an added bonus, reusing the old tray meant that the increasingly sick looking nasturtiums finally got repotted!


So that’s something I guess…

All in all, not my best succession planning Tuesday, but so far the first one where I’ve actually managed to plant anything at all, so I’m calling that a win.

Do you do succession planting? Have you planted any new seeds lately?

3 thoughts on “{Succession Planning} Tuesday 21/1/14

    • They are one of the cheapest seed companies I’ve seen – the seeds were all about $1.50-$2.50 per packet, and postage is free if you spend more than $10 (and it’s only something like $1.20 or so if you spend less than that).

      Based on my experience so far I’d highly recommend them!

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