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Organising Recipes

For some reason, despite the fact that I own eleventy billion cookbooks, my first port of call for a new recipe is almost always online.

When I do happen to find something that looks nifty I end up printing it out (or sometimes copying by hand, when we’re out of ink…which happens far more often than it should…). I usually end up keeping all these recipes shoved together in a pile next to my cookbooks. I dislike this for a few reasons, one is that it makes it hard to work out which recipe is which without going through them one by one, the other is that occasionally I open the cupboard and proceed to be showered by sharp, pointy bits of paper.

I’ve been looking for a way to organise all these recipes for ages. Sometimes I think I should just bookmark them on the computer, but I have eleventy billion bookmarks, too. And once I’ve discovered a recipe I resent having to return to the computer to use it (I know, right?). I’ve thought about having recipes on filing cards, or about buying a book to write them all in. But I’ve never found one that I found aesthetically pleasing at a price I liked.

But then, last week when I went opshopping, I found a recipe organiser that was fairly nice (it still didn’t set my world on fire), but it was only $3. I pondered for a while before deciding that since I’d been planning on organising my recipes for something like two years and hadn’t found anything even that even came close to being purchased, I should probably just bite the bullet and purchase it.


The folder was completely unused and the only damage to it was a misalignment of the binder rings:


But about thirty seconds with a pair of pliers fixed that.


It’s got some really handy features like plastic pockets to put recipes in while they’re waiting to be written up and some conversion tables at the back (which is really useful since it means I don’t have to get out a second recipe book to check things).


And given my compete ignorance in terms of cooking with herbs, a helpful little guide about which herbs to use with which dishes!


A few days after I bought it I ended up going over the road to the park with the kids. While they played merrily I spent my time transcribing some of the recipes into the book. Oddly therapeutic, I must say!


Now that I’ve got the folder I can’t believe that I put off buying one for so long. In the next week I hope to finish writing up all my recipes. And then I’ll probably find a reason to cook them all, just so I can use the book!

How do you organise your recipes? Have you found a super-easy method?

One thought on “Organising Recipes

  1. Sounds perfect. I wish I could merrily do something while my kids are at the park. Instead I’m pushing swings, helping two year olds down from where two year olds should not be – she’s a climber and very speedy – dealing with four year old dramas about whose turn it is on the digger or looking after someone else’s kids while they talk on their mobile phone half a block away and with their back to the park!!! – as I found myself doing yesterday.

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