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{Succession Planning} Tuesday 28/1/14

Apparently it is Tuesday again (how do they keep sneaking up on me?) which means it’s time to link up with L from 500m2‘s Succession Planning Tuesday!

As is useful for me on a Tuesday I didn’t realise that it was Tuesday until around 7pm – this week I’m blaming the public holiday yesterday for throwing my body clock out. I don’t know what excuse I’ll use next week. This means that I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into my succession planning for this week, but I did think it was time that I pricked out the capsicum plants I tried growing from seed recently.

Of the 12 or so seeds I planted only two seem to have germinated (and, oddly enough, both are in the same container. Go figure.). This has lead to some overcrowding.

That pointy grass-like plant next to it is a chilli seed I planted. I’m somewhat intrigued that two such similar plants have such different vegetation. Perhaps I am wrong and those aren’t capsicum and chilli plants?


A couple of the “chilli” plants got repotted too. Hopefully they grow a bit better now and I’ll be moving them into a bigger bed once I finally get my raised garden beds!

I also decided that I should probably direct plant some snowpeas before it’s too late.


In a twist on the “three sisters” planting I popped some of these seeds along the base of my sweetcorn. There’s already a pumpkin floating around there, so we’ll see whether the peas are strong enough to make it past.

While I was planting the snowpeas in the ground I noticed that, while I might not be doing  great job of succession planning, my garden seems to be all over it.

IMG_20140128_230639   IMG_20140128_230713

Pretty sure those two are volunteer tomato plants. And since I’ve already spotted another volunteer tomato in the garden I’ve got to wonder what’s going on this year – I’ve never had volunteer tomatoes before!


You can’t tell from this photo, but it’s got some flowers on it, too. I wonder what variety it will be…

How is your succession planning going? Has your garden taken it into its own hands?

5 thoughts on “{Succession Planning} Tuesday 28/1/14

  1. Hi – I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but someone has to do it. 😦 Definitely a volunteer tomato plant in the last photo, but the rest are definitely weeds. I never know the name of that one that you think is a chilli, but a chilli it is not – neither is the grass next to it. Sorry. I THINK what you have immediately above the last photo are thistles.

    Were you using horse, sheep or cow manure in the mix that these were planted in? They are usually come bearing weeds. I use a pure potting mix or even better, a seed-raising mix when I can for seeds – it pays off in spades, you don’t get weeds.

    • Oooh those pesky weeds!

      I thought something seemed off, but I’m only using potting mix (no manure) for seed raising and they’re elevated off the ground. I figured that weeds wouldn’t be sneaking in there. Turns out I was wrong! Guess I’ll be replanting seeds today!

      • That’s a bugger – because the one in the top two photos, whose name I would love to know, is one that comes in manure all the time. It has zillions of tiny seeds.

        I will admit at this point that I am a graduate of the 3-year, full-time Diploma of Horticultural Science at Burnley, from the early 1970s. We really learned it there – first year project was to go out to collect and press as many weeds as possible as botanical specimens. That one just escaped me, and wasn’t at Burnley.

        I have just put a pic of our pepper seedlings up at

        so you can compare. Peppers are really slow, and have taken over a month to come up this year – I suspect it is a heat thing, but not sure. You might find they still come up, if you get those weeds out.

      • I have just planted *more* seeds, so fingers crossed I get some results somewhere! I’m half tempted to keep the weeds, just to see what they turn into!

        Sounds like your horticultural degree has really come in handy! I wish I had more time so that I could take a similar course.

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