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Choosing Citrus

While I wait for The Veggie Garden to get back to me regarding delivery of my raised garden beds, I have been dreaming about planting citrus.

At this stage I’ve done no research about which varieties need which cross pollinators, so it’s entirely possible that this list will change, but at this stage I’m thinking about getting the following citrus trees:


Dwarf Meyer Lemon

Dwarf Lemonade (Lemon)


Dwarf Mandarin (variety undetermined)


Dwarf Valencia Orange


Dwarf Tahitian Lime

Dwarf Finger Lime (variety undetermined)

I have plans of espaliering them along a north facing fence line, so I’m hoping that there’s enough space for them all. And that it’s not too hot…

Do you grow your own citrus? Which varieties can’t you live without?

4 thoughts on “Choosing Citrus

  1. As far as I know citrus don’t need cross pollinators like other fruit trees, or perhaps they’re still common enough backyard trees that there are others near enough to fill that role. Mind you I am no citrus expert, I could well be on the verge of killing my second citrus – a Spritzer lemon/lime grafted dwarf tree. I have plans to get a dwarf orange too for another pot.

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