Blogging Awards

I’ve read a host of international blogs – particularly those based in the US – that will talk about “blogging awards”. I’ve often thought it a tad disappointing that blogging here doesn’t seem to have the same prestige (or is it interest?) as it does overseas. I’ve been especially disappointed at my ability to see/vote … Continue reading

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{Succession Planning} Tuesday 4/2/14

I can’t help but feel that a better title for this series, for me, would be “Oops, it’s Tuesday!”. Yet another succession planning Tuesday has rolled around with L from 500m2 and I haven’t put nearly enough thought into what it is that I am planning on planning in succession! Flicking frantically through my current … Continue reading

Book Review / Gardening / Self Sufficiency

{Book Review} The New Self-Sufficient Gardener

About a month ago Penguin sent me John Seymour’s New Self-Sufficient Gardener to review. I have to admit I was super-excited to receive this book to review. Whenever I have spoken to almost anyone about the ‘art’ of homesteading, and whether they have a book they’d recommend, have pointed me towards John Seymour’s The Self-Sufficient Gardener. I … Continue reading