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See How My Garden Grows: February 2014


It’s the start of the month, and that means it’s time to link up with The Garden Share Collective again!

This Month:

There’s still not a lot that’s happened in my garden this month, and I blame that mostly on the heat. We’ve had far too many days above 35 degrees, and not nearly enough rain.

Some of my plants seem to be doing ok, like my herb pot that’s coming along nicely


Though they do need to be thinned out.

My raspberries, however, are not faring so well.


Though if you look carefully you can still find berries.


I don’t know whether picking them will stress the plant out or not, though..

One of my tomatoes is finally starting to ripen up


Though the rest all remain green. I think my tomatoes are a bit of a write off this year. I’m hoping that when I finally get my raised garden beds the rest of my seedlings will take off and go gangbusters, but I’m not holding my breath.

My broccoli, cauliflower, kale and watermelon seeds seem to be starting to grow.


Though knowing my luck they’ll all turn out to be weeds!

The vegie garden is doing quite well given the hot days and lack of rain, though being partly shaded is probably helping. The only downside is that some of my plants aren’t growing as large as I’d like (such as the sweetcorn) and there’s a crazy number of weeds. It’st just been too hot to get out there and weed!

That said, my pumpkin is growing well and is flowering, and so are my cucumbers, though neither of them actually have fruit yet.

The sweetcorn (despite its size) is starting to produce some cobs


And my banana capsicum’s single fruit is growing quite large.


My pears are still hanging around and getting larger – those that aren’t being eaten by the birds, that is!


But I am having NO luck saving my cauliflower and broccoli from the evil Cabbage Butterfly


Despite picking multiple caterpillars off daily and squishing them, more seem to just keep appearing. I don’t know where or how they’re hiding, but we could learn something from their ability to camouflage themselves! I’ve removed a bunch of eggs from the underside of leaves, too. And I think I’ve even spotted the culprits in flagrante delicto (as it were)


But not to worry, I think I have the ladybugs on my side.


Unless it turns out that those is one of the evil ladybugs that doesn’t actually help your garden…in which case lalalala, I can’t hear you!

With all this in mind, this coming month is going to be quite involved!

Next month

In the coming month I need to:

  1. Actually weed the vegie patch (here’s hoping we get some cool days in which to do it!)
  2. Get rid of all the grass that side of the house so that I can put in my raised garden beds and paths.
  3. Feed the plants – I think both some fertiliser/blood n bone and some seasol may be required after the stress of this summer so far.
  4. Continue my succession planning, including planting out some of the seedlings I’ve got so far.

I hope everyone else has had a more successful month than I. To see who else is particpating in the Garden Share Collective head over the list at Strayed from the Table.

7 thoughts on “See How My Garden Grows: February 2014

  1. What a nice tour. I also have very crispy raspberries, but I have given them a good water and the new shoots have nice green new growth appearing, so I’m happy. I’m very jealous both of your capsicum (I doubt I’ll get anything as mine are growing soooooo sloooooowly) and your organised brassica planting. I did hear about a tip growing white flowering plants with brassicas, as supposedly cabbage moths are quite territorial and the white flowers look like other cabbage moths. I have no idea if it works, but I’m going to give it a go this year.

    • Now THAT territorial one is interesting. I have noticed that Common brown butterflies are very territorial – but only with other species, chasing off Wanderers in particular. Will be really interested in how this goes.

    • I’ve heard that placing white eggshells with black dots drawn on them is also supposed to keep them away for much the same reason. I haven’t tried it yet, though. My brassicas are so decimated that I’m wondering if there’s any point to continuing the fight against the evil butterfly…

      I have to admit I cheated with the capsicum and bought it as a seedling, but I’m quite pleased that it’s still alive. I have an amazing ability to kill most seedlings!

  2. I use dipel to combat white cabbage moth on cabbages and broccoli (brassica family). Its easy to find, its called Yates Nartures Way caterpillar killer. Its a natural powder which is made from squashed caterpillars. It works wonders, I swear by it. Hope the heat cools down for you soon.

  3. Oh yes, this heat has been something hasn’t it. I have all good intentions to get out tonight when it’s cooled a little and seasol my patch, we shall see if it actually happens. The cauli/broccoli is not looking too good. I usually grow them over winter which I’m going to try again, but I’m not sure what they will think of a Ballarat winter.

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