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{Succession Planning} Tuesday 4/2/14

I can’t help but feel that a better title for this series, for me, would be “Oops, it’s Tuesday!”. Yet another succession planning Tuesday has rolled around with L from 500m2 and I haven’t put nearly enough thought into what it is that I am planning on planning in succession!

Flicking frantically through my current seed stash to work out what I had that I could even need to plant, I found some popping popcorn that I had planted a while ago, but that hadn’t really germinated. Sold!


I filled four pots with some potting mix, added the seeds, and then watered. Hopefully this lot germinate better than the last ones!


I will point out, however, that of the six seeds I planted last time one of the seeds germinated, and I have had a little popping popcorn plant sitting forlornly in a starting pot for quite some time.


Today I decided to take pity on it, and transplant it into the vegie patch.


It’s the only one of its kind, so hopefully the other seeds get a wriggle on to keep it company!

While out there – and not strictly on the topic of succession planning – I have discovered that my pumpkin and cucumber might actually be getting somewhere!


That looks suspiciously like the beginning of a pumpkin to me!


And look! Teensy, tiny cucumbers! (They’re meant to be teensy tiny – they’re pickling cucumbers. I’m a sucker for sweet pickled gherkins, and I’m determined to try to make some this year!).

I also decided that I should check into whether the seedlings popping up in my brassica seedling trays are, indeed, brassicas. This is them currently:


They could be brassicas. But they could just as easily be weeds. So I googled. And this is what I found:

image from Where Plants Rule

That looks similar enough to me! At least for now.

How is your succession planning going? Have you had any pleasant surprises in the garden lately?

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