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Organising the Pantry

According to the ants, when the weather gets hot the place to be is my kitchen pantry.

I suppose I should really thank them for that because it wasn’t until I was pulling everything out of the pantry to try to remove the trail of ants that I really looked at it. It’s a fairly disorganised area, with lots of things shoved in wherever I can find room. But more than that, it’s also old and shabby.



The shelf liner has certainly seen better days.


As has has the paintwork.


So I decided to fix it. The job took far longer than it should have because, in my enthusiasm, I painted the edges of the shelves with white enamel paint we already had. This meant that a job that should have taken a day at most took three, as I had to wait sixteen hours between coats of paint.


But it looks better don’t you think?

Believe it or not, I had great difficulty in finding new shelf lining. I found some drawer liners at Spotlight, but they were scented, and were designed to just lie in place, as opposed to being stuck down. I toyed with using wallpaper (expensive!) and contact (flimsy) before finding some PVC contact at a big box hardware store. It’s much like the book contact, but a bit thicker/stronger. They had a fairly large range, but mostly of things I wouldn’t dream of using (pictures of jelly beans, faux wood paneling, faux industrial metal, etc). The only two patterns there that took my fancy were both polka dot ones; one red and white polka dot and one blue and white polka dot.

I really wanted the red and white polka dots (I have a thing for red and white polka dots) but since everything else in the kitchen (and the rest of the house for that matter) has a blue theme, I decided on the blue and white polka dots.


(But I’ve decided that next time I’m going to just use book contact and get some of the super shiny sparkly stuff. I’m an even bigger sucker for sparkles than I am for polka dots…).

I didn’t bother to remove the old liner from the shelf before putting the new one down (though I did clean it as best I could). Putting the contact on was quite tricky to begin with, but got easier as I went. I found that it was much easier to put on once I rolled it the opposite of the way it was on the roll to straighten it out a bit.


I also decided to try re-organising the way things were placed in the cupboard. I was impressed at how few out-of-date items I had, incidentally! But I managed to pop most of the things into tupperware containers. and moved quite a lot of things that were in the cupboard that didn’t need to be in there out.


Suddenly I’m finding excuses to go stand and stare at my pantry. That’s totally normal, right?

Have you re-organised your pantry? Or had difficulty refurbishing it?

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