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Pear Season

I can tell that the pears in my garden must be getting pretty close to being ripe because I’m finding a whole lot of them that look like this


Today I even managed to spot one of the culprits


I didn’t have the heart to shoo it away because I’m pretty sure it’s sick. It let me get closer than any other wild bird has to take photos (these shots were taken about 1m away with a phone camera).


And when we finally got so close it felt uncomfortable, it dropped to the ground and hid, rather than flying away.


But, since birds seem to be able to sense the ripeness of fruit better than I can, I took its presence as a sign that I should be doing some harvesting, so I picked some of the larger pears that were on the tree.


Unfortunately I only ended up with 4-5 of them. Most of the others have been nibbled at by the birds. Next year I am definitely putting up netting!

Have you ever spotted birds eating your fruit? How do you keep them away?

One thought on “Pear Season

  1. Oh! A Lorikeet! How beautiful! They are very smart birds, you know and can be tamed into wonderful pets.

    My parents have a huge cherry in their yard…. They gave up keeping the birds away long ago! Her solution is to harvest the cherries she can reach a few days early so the birds don’t get them while there are riper fruits higher up.

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