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See How My Garden Grows: March 2014


So apparently it is the start of March – I was firmly convinced that today was the 27th of February – and that means two things. The first is that it’s time to link up with The Garden Share Collective. The second is that I missed out on my Rescue This project during February. Oops.

This Month:

I’ve been really slack in the garden this month. A combination of cooler days meaning I need to be less vigilant and general apathy (I haven’t really felt like doing anything about anything this month) means that my garden isn’t looking that healthy.

For the most part my plants in pots are looking pretty dead.


This is what happens when you put your tomato seedlings out in the sunshine to take advantage of rainy days, and then just leave them there without watering them. I suspect they’re all dead. Annoyingly, the raised garden beds they’re meant to be going into are also nowhere to be seen, so perhaps its for the best.


A dwarf gala apple that I purchased with my citrus trees. It’s looking decidedly unhappy – I’m not sure if it’s going to survive the Winter…

Even the capsicum and sweetcorn that I’ve tried growing from seed don’t seem to want to co-operate. They’re just sitting in the pots doing a lot of nothing. I’m going to try germinating some in cottonwool, but I think it’s a tad late in the season for me to have much success with them.


On the other hand, the vegies in my vegie patch don’t seem quite so angry at me. The volunteer tomato appears to be a cherry of some kind, and has started fruiting.


The pumpkin plant is going merrily along, and might even be producing some pumpkin (though the last time I thought that it rotted away…).


I suspect my banana capsicum is ready to be picked (and is also flowering so I might get some more).


My other normal capsicum plants are also flowering after sitting there doing nothing for something like two months, so hopefully it’s not too late in the season for them.


My lazy housewife beans are going gangbusters – I actually picked and ate some of them today. Very tasty!


My broccoli/cauliflower (I can’t recall which) seems to have recovered from the cabbage butterfly attack.


And my cucumber plant has even given me a couple of cucumbers. Of course, I had hoped to grow enough baby cucumbers to make sweet pickled gherkins, and I suspect that two won’t be enough…I’m not quite sure what to do about this as I’m fairly certain it’s getting late in the season for cucumbers as well.


I have to admit not all of the potted fruits/vegetables are angry at me. By some minor miracle I seem to have not killed my blueberry plant!


This means that over Winter I’ll be able to buy another couple bare rooted. Hurrah!

I’ve also killed off most of the grass down the side of the house in preparation for the raised garden bed sections.


That said I’m still waiting for the beds to appear, so I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to use them!

Next month

In the coming month I need to:

  1. Actually weed the vegie patch. This was supposed to happen during February, but totally didn’t.
  2. Get rid of all the grass that side of the house so that I can put in my raised garden beds and paths. This has all been poisoned, now I just have to try to find a way to take it out. Dad seems to think that I’ll be able to just rake most of it out, so I’m going to try that
  3. Feed the plants – I think both some fertiliser/blood n bone and some seasol may be required after the stress of this summer so far.
  4. Continue my succession planning, including planting out some of the seedlings I’ve got so far.
  5. Remove roses/weeds from the fenceline in preparation for espaliering my citrus.

I’m going to have to go live vicariously through everyone else who didn’t kill off their garden this month! To see who else is participating in the Garden Share Collective head over the list at Strayed from the Table.

2 thoughts on “See How My Garden Grows: March 2014

  1. You have some wins and some losses this past month in the garden, but I am glad you haven’t given up. Raising seed can be challenging at the best of times, I too struggle to get things up. The most annoying is lettuce seed for me. Look forward to seeing your new beds.

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