Organising Cables

Nick and I moved into our house almost three years ago.

It took me a year before I actually got everything unpacked and sorted.

For some reason, in that haze of ‘organising’ I declared that we would keep all our household cables (you know, aerial points, chargers, ethernet cables, printer cables) in a tub together. Brilliant!



It got to the point where I didn’t even bother looking for cables in that tub (even though I was sure that we had whatever it was I was looking for). Instead I kept new cables that came with things out and lying around so that I could find them. And retrieve them. Those cables in there got awfully tangled together for things that were never moved.


However, I have grand plans of moving the tub in which those cables reside elsewhere so that I can put a super snazzy buffer in instead. And I would also like to actually be able to put away (and use!) the eleventy billion cables our household seems to require, so I’ve decided that those cables need to be organised!

I’m sure everyone has their own system for sorting cables, but I decided to utilise my old friend the ziplock bag. I always make sure I have a variety of these in the kitchen, and they almost never get used for food. Instead I pull them out everything Mr J wants to keep a collection of small toys together, or he opens up Every Single Playdough container, or I have a bunch of seeds that I want to keep together in the fridge. It’s possibly not very eco-friendly or sustainable of me, but until I come up with something equally as versatile those ziplock bags are here to stay.


The hardest part of this job was untangling all the cables. Once that was done they were sorted into piles of similar cables and then popped into a ziplock bag.


For now I’ve kept pretty much all of the cables, but perhaps at some point I’ll go through and whittle them down. I probably don’t need six spare printer cables. Or four ethernet cables. Or a variety of computer cables that I’m really not sure what they’re for.


All up it only took me an hour or so – while watching TV no less – and all the cables fit neatly into the tub. And I should be able to find whatever it is that I’m looking for! Anyone want to take bets on how long until it turns back into a mess?

How do you store your cables? Do you find yourself with a bunch you don’t need?

2 thoughts on “Organising Cables

  1. I use this method and find it works really well. When I have a computer or tv issue, I have a friend who is tech savvy who knows where I keep my box of cables and just goes to it and finds everything he needs to sort the problem. I even use it for my instruction manuals I have on everything. This way it keeps the manuals clean and un dog eared (which I can’t handle). Also use it for my craft and my bike bag I have in the back of my truck. Can find all my lights, spare parts, etc., so easily as there is no clutter and everything is clearly marked.

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