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{DIY} Ribbon Flower Brooch

On Wednesday Miss H (9 years old) came home and announced that Friday was ‘Harmony Day’ and that her school was encouraging her to wear orange as a result.

Orange not being a particularly attractive colour (or at least so we think in our household) we didn’t really have anything orange that she could wear. My solution was to just not wear orange, but she didn’t approve, and so I headed off to Spotlight to see what I could buy and/or make.

While I have to concede that this brooch is orange (and thus rather unattractive) try picturing it in blue or black or some other funky colour. I promise you it’ll be worth it!

I started by buying some large ribbon, a cool polka dotted button and a brooch pin.


I then cut the ribbon into five equal lengths and sewed them double. I then gathered the ends slightly so it looked a bit more like a petal.


Once I’d done five of them I sewed them together (completely forgetting to take a photograph of this stage) and then sewed the button on. I glued it down for some extra reinforcement.


The pin got glued and sewed on, too. I have to admit the back looks slightly messy, but really, who’s going to see it?


The whole thing took me about 15-20 minutes and could easily be scaled down slightly for a hairpin…I may be doing that next, just as soon as I get back to Spotlight to buy more ribbon…

Have you ever ended up doing a last minute craft project that you loved? 

This post is also brought to you as part of the Simple Saturdays Blog Hop.


One thought on “{DIY} Ribbon Flower Brooch

  1. I am with you – I do not like orange in the garden as a colour – and I am told quilters do not like it either, as no colour really goes with it.

    To top it – can you name any word in the English language that rhymes with it? Bet you can’t. Poets don’t even like it.

    I’m all for Harmony Day though.

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