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Weekend To-Do List – 29th March, 2014

Lately I’ve been struggling to find the energy to do anything around the house/garden. Ordinarily I don’t get a lot achieved during the week and everything gets left to the weekend, only for some reason lately that hasn’t really been working out.

This weekend, however, I had nothing planned so I decided to write myself a to-do list. It didn’t include ‘normal’ activities like cleaning the kitchen (although perhaps it should have, since that didn’t get done), but there were a few things I’ve been meaning to get to for a while but haven’t, like:

  1. Hanging my clock (it was attached to the wall with a 3M hook, but that didn’t last for long. For about the last two years it’s been sitting propped up on a filing cabinet in the loungeroom instead).
  2. Remove the filing cabinet from the loungeroom (it got popped there as a temporary measure…again about two years ago. Noticing a theme?).
  3. Change the lightbulb in the bedroom (it blew about six months ago and I haven’t really cared enough to change it – we have lamps afterall).
  4. Sort through my clothes to work out what I’m keeping and what I’m donating as part of my end-of-the-month donations.
  5. Grab the speakers I”m borrowing from my parents for my record player.
  6. Weed the front steps (also, find a better solution to front steps than bricks with lots of gaps that allow weeds to constantly regrow).
  7. Trim the branches on my weeping cherry trees.
  8. Hang up a fly trap.

Sadly only three of the things on that list got done. Those things were all meant to be completed today, but I suspect I’ll be doing more of them tomorrow to try to get the list finished up.

Hanging up a fly trap

This task probably only got completed because it was super-easy to do.

A few days ago when my sister and I were at a big box hardware store buying pavers for my raised garden beds I also picked up a couple fly traps. For reasons completely beyond me there seems to be a mass of flies hanging around my front and back door and I’m sick of them sneaking in every time we go in or out of the house.





Trimming Weeping Cherry

When Nick and I first moved into this house I bought a couple of weeping cherries to plant near the front door because they’re so awesome looking. Unfortunately I’ve never really looked after them properly and they’ve always looked a bit sick. But they’ve also had a tendency to send out non-weeping branches that I’ve been avoiding doing anything about. Today was the day they finally got chopped off!





Of course my mother warned me a while back that I really shouldn’t let the branches get so big because they would ruin the way the tree looks. I didn’t get it, and was all “but I’ll just chop them off. Problem solved!” Yeah, I totally get what she meant now.

No more completely straight trunk for me!

No more completely straight trunk for me!

Weeding the Front Steps

This one is a big one. I have no idea what these weeds are, but they’re totally taking over my garden at the moment (I always think of them as some sort of caterpillar plant because that’s what their seeds look like). I decided to start at the top of the stairs and work my way down. Apparently that was a mistake because after weeding the first two steps my weeding tool broke (I’d only bought it a few days ago!) putting a halt to that operation. I’ll have to finish the rest after I go and get a replacement tool.





Do you have a ‘weekend to-do list’? How did you spend your day?


5 thoughts on “Weekend To-Do List – 29th March, 2014

  1. eeek, you have Paspalum growing in your steps. Horrible stuff, I have it out of control in one corner of the garden. At the moment I am frantically cutting off and binning seed heads where I cannot get time to weed it out, so at least the burden of weed seed does not get any bigger!
    With your weeping cherry, they have sort of two root stocks – one to grow the roots, and one to grow the stem, grafted on top of the roots, then the weepers are grafted on top. So the stem one is super vigourous, to grow that nice, straight, tall stem. Once they get away like that, you need to walk past them weekly when they are small, and just rub the new shoots off – or otherwise they take over completely and suck out all the good stuff that should be going to the weepers. There is this little feral area where the stems came out that is now full of dormant little bud-stems just waiting to jump out at you.

    Good Luck! (must get some fly traps – we have them everywhere too, in all the shops etc)

    • That’s what Mum was saying about the weeping cherries, too! Probably a bit late to follow her advice, but I won’t make that mistake again! (and hopefully this stops anyone else from making it, too!).

      Thanks for giving me the name of that weed. It has come up so suddenly, one week the steps were basically ok and then BAM giant weeds everywhere! I’ll take your advice about cutting the heads off since I think they’ve also spread to my front garden (not that you could tell, the front garden is an unmitigated disaster zone).

  2. At least you got some things done. I have to say my to-do list is rarely more successfully crossed of that your was.
    Have you considered pouring boiling water on the weeds to kill them roots and all. This obviously only works in areas where the weed isn’t right next to a plant you want, otherwise there will be collateral plant damage. But for paving this works really well.

  3. I second the boiling water for weeds in pavers, Or you can make a mix of salt, dishwashing liquid and water to spray on – only if it’s not going to get onto nearby garden beds. Also could you try sweeping sand into the gaps of the bricks to fill them in the gaps, that’s what I’m doing with my recycled brick paths. Weeds can still grow in them, but it does seems to keep them at bay a bit more. Talking of weeds, my back garden is a mess with them and seeds heads galore. I really must do something about that soon.

    • I had heard that the boiling water didn’t actually work. There’s talk of actually getting our retaining wall up and going in the front garden (we’ve been letting the front garden run riot with weeds because we’re on a slope and they’re holding the soil in place) so we might manage to get it cleaned up soon. I’ll keep everyone updated!

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