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See How My Garden Grows: April 2014


I am having a terrible run with the The Garden Share Collectivelately. This time I actually knew it was the start of the month but apparently only imaged pressing publish on my post, so it’s now a tad late!

This Month:

I haven’t really done much in the garden lately. Almost nothing has been harvested, and similarly not much has been planted. I’ve tried a few direct sowing of things like beans but I don’t think any of them have sprouted.


Luckily my raised garden beds have arrived, so I’ll be looking at planting a whole bunch of peas (I went slightly overboard with pea seed purchases recently). The potting mix I’ve been starting seeds in lately seems to have been invaded by weed seeds, so I’m going to abandon that lot (and anything I was trying to grow in it, ‘coz I honestly can’t tell if it’s a plant or a weed) and start again. This means that the broccoli, cauliflower and kale I’d tried starting lately will need to be re-started.

A few of my plants have started to die back, including an asparagus plant that I was meant to have re-potted ages ago. The ferny frond bits are dying off, but it’s shot out a couple more tiny asparagus spears. I’m hoping that this is a good sign, not a bad one!


My beans are also dying off, which means it’s probably time for them to come out. I’m planning on harvesting and drying the seeds to replant next year and I’m going to try cutting off the plants and leaving the roots in the ground to decompose.


On the other hand, some of my plants seem to be thriving. My capsicum plant is still flowering, though I’m sure it’s too late for any more capsicum.


My pumpkin plant seems to be putting out some healthy fruit.


It’s had some start before, but I suspect something like blossom rot has gotten hold of them because they’ve ended up rotting and dying. Some of the leaves seem to have something like powdery mildew on them, so I should probably work out what to do about that.

My blueberry plant is also going strong. This means that I’ll be investing in a couple of bare rooted blueberry plants this Winter to plant alongside it. Here’s hoping that this time next year I’ll have had a wonderful blueberry harvest!


Next month

In the coming month I need to:

  1. Actually weed the vegie patch. This was supposed to happen during February, but totally didn’t. It was also meant to happen in March, but still nothing. Here’s hoping the change in seasons gives me the impetus to get out there.
  2. Get rid of all the grass that side of the house so that I can put in my raised garden beds and paths. I tried raking it out, which had limited success. At this stage I have to work out whether I’m going to bother trying to fork over the grass or just place the beds over it directly.
  3. Start some new Winter plants, like peas and cauliflower.
  4. Remove roses/weeds from the fenceline in preparation for espaliering my citrus. I need to get to this ASAP before my citrus trees die!

My guess is that almost everyone else had a more successful month in the garden than I did – to see who else is participating in the Garden Share Collective head over the list at Strayed from the Table.

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