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{Succession Planning} Tuesday 29/4/14?

I know that technically today is Thursday, but I did finally actually remember that Tuesday was my succession planning day only by the time I had time to actually do any succession planning, it was too late to take photographs.

So instead I just delayed until today, but I’m still totally claiming that it happened on Tuesday. After all, its’ only a few letters difference!

I’ve been having trouble with the potting mix I use for starting seeds (I think it’s been corrupted with weed seeds, and that makes it hard to tell whether I’m growing the actual seeds I planted or just weeds) so I’ve started a new bag.



I was too lazy to find more than one seedling tray, and since I have six different seeds to plant (three of which are peas, think I’ll have too many?) it means I’ve only started off four of each type. Perhaps in the next week or so I’ll start another seedling tray to try staggering the planting.



I decided to stick with masking tape and a permanent maker for the labels – I haven’t found anything else that works as effectively!



Here’s hoping I grow some plants this time, and not more weeds! (I have plenty of those in the vegie patch already…)

How is your succession planning going? Are you in full swing for Winter?

2 thoughts on “{Succession Planning} Tuesday 29/4/14?

  1. Masking tape and sharpies will rule them all! Seriously the cheapest and easiest way to label anything… particularly when watering is involved.

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