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{Exploring Victoria} Point Nepean

It’s almost like clockwork the way that the weekend will roll around, and Nick will say “Hey, let’s go for a drive!” I usually mutter something about needing to get things done around the house, but capitulate pretty quickly, and we all pile into the car for a trip to some previously unthought about destination.

This week, with ANZAC Day looming (and Mr J struggling to wrap his head around what it’s about) we decided to head down to Point Nepean. It’s somewhere I’d always wanted to go, but the entry fees always put me off. I decided this time it would be worth it to explore our military history – only to discover that back in 2010 entry fees to National Parks were abolished!

The weather wasn’t promising, with forecasts of rain and hail and tops of 14, but we loaded up raincoats and changes of clothes and headed down anyway. Turns out the weather behaved beautifully, with only a few sprinkles throughout the day!


Miss H enjoyed seeing what she could make her shadow do, and Mr J spent a lot of his time throwing rocks into the crashing waves.


I spent a lot of my time being torn between letting them play, and respecting the history of the area. Point Nepean (or Fort Nepean, the section where we were) was a former military base. While no one died there, they did play an important role in Australia’s military defence history.


A plaque informed us all that the first British Empire shot of World War 1, and the first Australian shot of World War II were both fired from guns at Fort Nepean.

We tried to explain this all to Mr J, but he struggled to wrap his head around it a bit, finally declaring that he didn’t like war.

It was a great place for stimulating other areas of interest, for instance Point Nepean is one of the tips of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, and you can see the difference that the protection of the bay makes, with crashing waves to the right (open sea) and the calmer waves to the left (in the bay).


Also, former Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared from Cheviot Bay, which isn’t far from here (we passed a memorial for him, but by then it was getting too late to stop and look at it).

I’m not sure whether any of these things will interest either Miss H or Mr J enough to follow up, but I look forward to finding out.

Where do you find yourself travelling? Do you plan before you go, or just find inspiration along the way?

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