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{DIY} Mirror Box

DIY Mirror Box


There are a number of resources that I have been lusting after for almost as long as I can remember (Spielgaben and light boxes amongst them!). For the most part they are out of my reach price-wise, but I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt some DIY. Unhandy though Nick and I may be, surely some of these things are achievable!

So, on the weekend, I attempted to DIY a collapsible (for ease of storing) mirror box. I know that The Imagination Tree DIYed one using masking tape, but I was hoping for something a bit more stable. This was especially important given that I was expecting Mr J (8 years old) to be playing with it, and he can be quite rough.

I started by using the mirror tiles that my sister gave me, and which featured in my recent post on Creating a Provocation Space. Since these tiles were 300×300(mm) then I decided I would get some MDF cut to the same size. Add in some hinges and velcro, and we were ready to start!


I ended up buying flat head nails to use which were significantly longer than the 3mm MDF. If I were more handy I probably would have bought short screws and used those instead, but I was planning on using wire cutters to snip off any bits of the nail/screw that protruded through the board, and I didn’t think they would manage to get through the screws.


The nails were fairly easy to hit through – for the most part I hammered them til they just came through the other side of the board, and then I pushed them the rest of the way, as though they were tacks.

The wire cutters worked well to cut through the nails, though you may wish to file these down if you expect little hands to find them as they can be a bit sharp. The way I have put mine together, they will be covered by the mirrors, but some may prefer to be safe than sorry.



Once all the nails were in, I squirted some craft glue on them to help keep the nails in place – 3mm isn’t a lot of gripping room!


Here you can see that the boards all fold on top of each other so that it can be stored level.


I then attached the mirrors to the MDF using velcro dots. The idea is that I can remove the mirror tiles and store them on top of the MDF. This means 1) all the items store flat 2) I can use the mirror tiles separately if I want 3) I can replace the mirror tiles in the box with other items. At this stage I have plans to purchase a 300×300 white and 300×300 black tile to place along the bottom to change up the space.

To secure the two back panels I used a zinc hinge and magnets. It’s possible you could make the entire box this way, but I’m not sure how secure it would be if the tiles were pushed against…I do have some spare MDF squares, so I might give it a go and let you know.


DIY Mirror Box on display!

Set up DIY Mirror Box


Of course, Mr J’s first response was to tell me that I needed to add two more mirrors “here and here” so that it becomes a proper mirror box.

Mr J Requesting Box be Completed

It took me approximately 1 hr to put together, and it was much easier than I thought it would be. If you’ve been dying to get your hands on a mirror box, then I suggest you give DIY a go. Next on the agenda: a light box!

Have you DIYed any big resources? How did they go?

This post is part of the Simple Saturday blog hop.

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