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{Exploring Victoria} Seawinds Gardens

Seawinds Gardens


When I stop to think about it, I think Autumn must be my favourite season. The cooler days, the crisp mornings, and the amazing colours of Autumn leaves. This is why, when Nick requested that we go for our inescapable Sunday drive, I suggested that we head to Seawinds Gardens.



Seawinds Gardens is located at the top of Arthur’s Seat (just a short trip down the road from its Summit), and it is filled with some stunning deciduous trees which turn the surroundings into a sea of red, gold and brown. Apparently there used to be a cottage on the grounds, and the owners planted a number of deciduous trees, before they were unable to continue living there and the land was turned over to the State Government. I can certainly see why they wanted to live there, it was amazingly beautiful.


I secretly hoped to spend our time stomping in Autumn leaves, perhaps collecting some for some crafty activities at home, but the step-children had ideas of their own.

They found a weeping tree, just perfect for using as a house


Mr J decided that today he would paint in the park. He’s often brought his paint with him, but this is the first time he’s actually used them.


I had hoped he had been inspired by his surroundings, by the amazing trees or the colourful birds, but no. He informs me that he was painting a Mixel.

Miss H decided that the leaves made a perfect dress for her My Little Pony


And was fascinated by the red and white spotted mushrooms she saw, declaring that she had no idea you could find them outside of fairy stories!



The small pond was a fantastic place for the two of them to stand and chat together, and talk about what that green stuff was on the surface. Miss H declared it was a swamp, and Mr J giggled ecstatically at her tale of the time that her friends all fell into a pond thinking the green stuff was grass!



There were quaint stone walls for balancing


And plenty of wildlife to sit and watch (and, on occasion, copy!)




We talked about how kangaroos jumped, why they were called “Boxing Kangaroos”, and whether the Mummy kangaroos with their bulging stomachs were pregnant or carrying around joeys.


It was a truly magical day, with the late Autumn sunshine turning everything a deep golden colour. At only about a 35 minute drive from our house, I think we’ll be going here again. Preferably this time for more than an hour or two.

The kids both had a ball, and I think that kangaroos might feature heavily in our next provocation inquiry.

The only question I have is, if I keep exploring Victoria, then who’s going to clean my house?!

Have you got a magical garden nearby? Where do you like to spend your weekends?

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