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{Exploring Victoria} Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve


Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve is, as the name suggests, a flora and fauna reserve located not far from where we live.


According to a plaque as you walk in, it started life as a military reserve in 1886 and was used for a variety of purposes during colonial times. During WWI it was used as a hospital and for POWs. It was declared a nature reserve in 1985 and not much evidence of its military history remains, which is a bit sad. I kept my eye out as we walked along and we saw a few items which might have been part of its past but on the whole the landscape has been swallowed up by plants and wildlife.


We were lured there by rumours of frogs and tadpoles, but alas we found none. There was a large reservoir, but it contained mostly reeds and goldfish. We speculated as to their origin; to keep mosquito larvae to a minimum, or a rogue release by someone who no longer wanted their pet, but it remains a mystery.


The day wasn’t a promising one, with grey skies overhead, but we donned our trusty raincoats and gumboots and set off for another adventure. We didn’t get rained on (until right at the very end as we got back to our car), but the weather remained grey and dreary, unlike our other treks out where the skies cleared and we were treated to beautifully clear days.


Mr J spent his time enjoying the impromptu water play, stomping in puddles and throwing various items into the reservoir. His items of choice got increasingly large, though whether that was because he wanted a greater challenge or because he liked seeing the huge splashes I’m not sure.


The walk was mainly uneventful, we saw almost no wildlife – even the birds were in hiding.  Instead the children both ended up entertaining themselves by drawing in the sand.


There must have been something in the lure of the soft, white sand because both kids would periodically pause to crouch and draw in the path sometimes with their fingers and sometimes with twigs that they found lying along the ground.


Mr J focused on his Mixels – again – although in this picture he was drawing a treasure map for his Mixel to follow. We were told we had to leave it for someone else to find the treasure, it wasn’t for us.

Mixel Treasure Map

Miss H decided to draw a My Little Pony, which again is not new. Between the two kids I’d be surprised if we had pictures of anything other than Mixels and My Little Ponies!


The Reserve was surprisingly busy, with people using it for photography and as a running track, but it still seemed quiet and secluded. We only bumped into a few people on our walk. I’m not sure when we’ll make it back again – there are other Reserves closer to our house that seem to have more variety in them – but maybe if the tadpoles and frogs actually turn up we’ll find ourselves there again.

Where have you explored lately?

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