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{DIY} Play Dough – Free Kid Friendly Printable!

One of the many things I’ve been doing these past few weeks (in between work and Uni assignments that is) is working on a play dough recipe that can be read and followed by children.

I’m not sure which kids enjoy more – playing with play dough, or helping to make it! But during the numerous batches of play dough we’ve been making lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of the time I’m directing what should be done next, simply by virtue of the fact that I can read the recipe, and I know what the instruments represent.

This sits oddly with my belief that children are competent, capable beings, and so I’ve set out to make a recipe that they can follow themselves. Young children will probably still need some help in places – and even the older ones will need help with the hot water (at least initially, I’ve noticed that it cools down fairly quickly, and it still works when warm rather than boiling hot), but otherwise this is something they can do on their own. They love being able to say that they made their own play dough “all on my own”, and as an added bonus, it’s full of literacy and numeracy skills!

So, here is my free printable kid-friendly play dough recipe!

Kid Friendly DIY Playdough Recipe

Let me know how you go with it.

Do you make your own play dough? Do you have any other recipes kids love to make?

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