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{Christmas} Planning for Christmas Gifts for Children

Long time no post, I know, I know, but life sucked me in and has only just recently decided to spit me back out! I’ll write up what happened to me another time, but right now I’ve just popped on briefly to share how we plan our Christmas gifts.

A few years ago we decided to try to cut back on All The Things. We had soooo many Christmas/birthday/anything else gifts, and no room left in the house. It’s not helped by the “split family” thing, so we had my parents, and Nick’s parents and us (and any of our siblings) buying for kids that are only here 50% of the time. I’ve lost track of the number of times Mr J (now 10) or Miss H (now 13) grew out of something before they’d gotten to use it more than once or twice. We decided instead to focus on more experience based gifts.

At about the same time we encountered the popular 4 gift for children idea floating around the internet. You know the one, Something you want, Something you need, Something to wear and Something to read. It was great! Except there was no space for creativity or experiences in there. So we coined our own, adding “something to make” and “something to do” to the end. So, ideally, each child would get approximately 6 gifts – at least one of them would be a non-tangiable (an experience) and at least one would hopefully be a consumable (an activity). We hoped it would help curb our looming pile of Things that threatened to overrun the house.

So this year in mid November we sat down with our table to write down a Christmas list.

We were hoping that if we started planing early then we might be able to grab some things cheaper. I often find that when I leave things to the last minute I end up paying premium prices to either find things that are super local to me, or I pay for express postage which pushes the price up unnecessarily.

We’re trying to be more organised this year, so I added a space for when I had purchased items (though you could also pop in where you bought them from, too, if you wanted to track that) and whether they’d been wrapped. Nick and I are sick of staying up til the middle of the night on Christmas Eve trying to get everything wrapped, so we’ve been trying to do some here and there as we go. Marking off which items have been wrapped have helped me keep track of which things I need to either wait to arrive (the post is horrid this time of year) or find ‘coz I’ve stashed it somewhere in the house!

Suffice to say, I have found Christmas shopping easier to approach this way, although it wasn’t always a success – but there’ll be more about that in a later post! I hope you find our table helpful. Or, if you have a different planning approach, I’d love to hear it.

How do you plan for Christmas?


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