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Budget Christmas Gifts 2017: Miss H (13 year old girl)

Now that Christmas has passed and it’s too late for this to be of any use to anyone, I thought I’d write about what we got the kids for Christmas this – err, I mean last – year. As I mentioned last post we try to do six gifts consisting of “want, need, wear, read, … Continue reading

{DIY} Literacy Stones
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{DIY} Literacy Stones

Literacy is one of the things that I feel most strongly about in early years education. It ranks right up there with empowering children, because there are so many power structures hidden within literacy that it is almost impossible to confront and challenge without being aware of them. Because of this books play an important … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve – DIY Present Update

I have no idea where the last few weeks have gone, but apparently my advent calendar informs me that there is only¬†one day left til Christmas! This means that it’s time to finish up with all those Christmas projects I’ve been working on and get them all wrapped for tomorrow. First up were the food … Continue reading